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A Proper Victorian Marriage Proposal Essay -- Victorian Era

A Proper Marriage Proposal Mr. Bradley Headstone, steadfast and uncontrolled, was met with denial from his beloved. By examining the etiquette apropos of an acceptable Victorian marriage proposal, and the social â€Å"rules† associated with courtship, we may understand the failure of Headstone’s hasty attempt at love. A Note on Love, and Falling â€Å"Love,† and the expression of it, in the Victorian Era was characterized by strict social etiquette and idealized expectations. Courtship was fundamental to the process of falling in love, and in fact, for the upper and middle classes, it was this systematic structure that allowed for the love and union of two people to be acceptable. A member of society could not fall into a fit of passion for another, express it freely, and expect an agreeable response. There was an admirable and proper way for a man to attain a wife. In general, for Victorians, the process of falling in love by means of courtship was a pleasant process if the proper measures of propriety were taken. Pre-Proposal Matters A gentleman, upon determining a marriage prospect, bears in mind several key features that constitute an ideal lady and wife. For the â€Å"stream of matrimony† to be ventured upon, an essential partner must possess these qualities- accomplished manners, be an amiable person, have an unblemished reputation, and â€Å"a mind stored with virtuous principles† (Lessels 25). Once this is determined and he feels love for the woman, the gentleman decides to proceed with the proposal process. The most important thing for a gentleman to do, once he has chosen a prospect, is to allow himself to reveal to the lady his character. â€Å"Some men†¦may have all the traits of a gentleman- a handsome exterior, and well skilled ... ...ue of monetary standing also comes into play after the proposal. In the dealings of settling the family’s and the upcoming couple’s finances, â€Å"let candor and generosity actuate you in this difficult transaction† (48). The Victorians allowed even love to be dictated by strict social order and control. However, it was still idealized as a blissful and ultimate convention. If all matters of propriety were considered, and if all is executed accordingly, â€Å"we will assume these rocks and quicksands past, the engaged couple happy, and the wedding day at hand†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Humphry 110). Works Cited Hill, Averyl. Averyl’s Attic. Averyl's Attic Design, Images & Text. 16 Mar 2005. . Humphry, Mrs. Manners for Men. London: Pryor Publications, 1993. Lessels, Julie. The Etiquette of Love and Courtship. Sussex: Copper Beech Publishing, 1995.

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Human Condition †Away by Michael Gow Essay

Literature can reflect the human condition by presenting aspects of our existence, including the wide range of emotions, our mortality and the transformations which differentiate us as a species. Examples of texts which do so include the play Away by Michael Gow, the photo â€Å"Woman on Bondi† by Marco Bok and the poem â€Å"Ode To A Nightingale† by John Keats, which provide similar and contrasting views on these aspects of humanity. Away by Michael Gow, first published in 1986, is an Australian play set in the 1960s, following the Vietnam War, which explores the mortality, loss, restoration and transformation experienced in our existence. Gow suggests that Tom is the catalyst through his characterisation of Puck in â€Å"A Midsummer Night’s Dream† in the opening scene. He alludes to Tom’s role as a healer, as it is through his death that others are able to begin the process of restoration – â€Å"Give me your hands, if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends†, while adding elements of magic through the play-within-a-play. Tom engineers the play’s upheaval through the ‘Puckish’ curse – â€Å"I hope you have a rotten holiday† and by conjuring up the storm further into the text, which causes both great conflict and the restoration of the characters. The mortality of our existence is also expressed through Tom. By reading the excerpt from â€Å"King Lear† in the final scene, Tom undergoes a cathartic transition, reflecting upon his foreshadowing death and finally accepting its inevitability – â€Å"while we unburden’d crawl towards death†. Gow’s casting of Tom as Lear insinuates that he has completed his role as the healer and is ready to face his destiny. Despite the tragic overtones conveyed through these lines, the concept of a new beginning is also implied through the stage directions and setting – â€Å"The light becomes bright, summery, morning† and thus reflects the positive aspect of being able to accept our mortality. The concept of loss and restoration is portrayed through Coral, whose process of healing is triggered by Tom’s role in â€Å"A Midsummer Night’s Dream†, with Gow using a soliloquy following the performance allowing Coral to express her emotions and reach out to the audience – â€Å"What angel wakes me from my  flowery bed?† The repetition of this line throughout the dramatic monologue reinforces her ‘awakening’ from depression and dysphoria, with the angel acting as a recurring motif for Tom’s role as the healer. The â€Å"flowery bed† can also be interpreted as Tom’s deathbed and thus, she unknowingly foreshadows his fate. Gow uses the play-within-a-play, â€Å"The Stranger On The Shore†, to express Coral’s final acceptance and restoration. This play demonstrates love, sacrifice and death, with Coral’s role allowing her to experience the greatest change. The repetition of the line â€Å"I’m walking† emphasises this change and portrays her healing. Gow also uses the lighting of the bonfire as a symbol for the death of old beliefs and a signal for new life, â€Å"They’ve lit a bonfire on the beach. Look!†. Similarly, Gwen goes down the path of restoration, as she is initially encapsulated within a shell formulated from her materialistic mentality, â€Å"We’ve got a brand new caravan. Everything you could want.† Her change in attitude is triggered by the storm which Gow uses as symbol for cleansing, bringing in elements of magic – â€Å"The FAIRIES return and stage a spectacular storm†. The emotional breakdown of Gwen as she receives news of Tom’s illness also expresses her change and she seeks forgiveness from Jim, â€Å"You must hate me? I’m sorry†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . The clichà ©d expression – â€Å"There’s a terrible taste in my mouth† as Gwen tries to take the Bex Powder also emphasises her transformation. Thus, Away echoes the human condition by expressing aspects of our existence which deal with our mortality and the transformations we may experience. Bibliography â€Å"Away†. Gow, Michael (1986)†Michale Gow’s Away†. Beckett, Wendy (Glebe: Pascal Press, 1993)

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Analysis Of Born During The Witch Trials - 1119 Words

Born during the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts Nathanael Hawthorne’s depicted many beliefs of the well-known puritans in his novels. (Bloom) Hawthorne used color and symbolism to portray themes of sin Guilt, innocence in everyday life. He also uses visual clues to portray the themes of the short story Goodman Brown. Hawthorne: ability to employ so much imagery that mesmerizes readers to the degree of connecting his short story with their everyday life. Young Goodman Brown a young pure hearted man, bids farewell to his wife faith reassuring his wife he must leave. He ventures into the infamous forest of Salem. Where a series of events take place changes Goodman Browns life forever. The color pink is associated with innocence and†¦show more content†¦Hawthorne mentions Faith’s pink ribbons several times at the beginning of the story, imbuing her character with youthfulness and happiness. He reintroduces the ribbons when Goodman Brown is in the forest, struggling with his doubts about the goodness of the people he knows. When the pink ribbon flutters down from the sky, Goodman Brown sees it as a sign that Faith unquestionably falls into the jurisdiction of the devil—she has shed this sign of her purity and innocence. At the end of the story, when Faith greets Goodman Brown as he returns from the forest, she is wearing her pink ribbons again, suggesting her return to the figure of innocence she presented at the b eginning of the story and casting doubts on the truth of Goodman Brown’s experiences. Female purity, a favored conception of Americans in the nineteenth century, is the balancing force for Goodman Brown as he wonders whether to forsake his religion and join the devil. When he takes leave of Faith at the beginning of the story, he promises that after this one night of evildoing, he states â€Å"Well, she s a blessed angel on earth; and after this one night I ll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven.. This idea, that a man’s wife or mother will redeem him and do the work of true religious belief for the whole family, was popular during Hawthorne’s time. Goodman Brown clings to the idea of Faith’s purity throughout his trials in the forest, swearing that as long as Faith

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Current Agricultural Practices and Developments - 3759 Words

Current Agricultural Practices and Developments Introduction Several agricultural practices have been advanced in the world. One of the Advancements is that related to crop husbandry in apple production. Apple production through the naturalized methods has been deemed with low productivity and negative effects from the environment and other related avenues in the environment. In order to assure of increased productivity in the environment, it is necessary to make firm considerations of the fact that increased productivity is the main and urgent issue in the world. Therefore, many modification activities and processes have been involved in production of the apple crop and other farming activities in the world. The basic idea of making use of the natural and modified avenues is to assure increased productivity that does not have to be reliant on the general methods and avenues of productivity in the environment (Dris et al, 6-8). Varieties of breeds commonly used in modern agriculture and why Several breeds of the apple crop are used in modern agriculture. Some of the consideration made by growers in the market includes good-dessert quality, long shelf life, resistance to diseases and pest and tolerance to drought conditions besides high productivity. In the fifties, the green English Varieties-McIntosh, Baldwin, Jonathan, Coxs Orange Pippin, Golden Delicious, Black Ben Davis, and Pippins were predominant. Of late, the colored Delicious, group now occupies more than 83%Show MoreRelatedAgricultural Genetic Engineering : A Vital Biotechnological Tool1572 Words   |  7 PagesAgricultural Genetic Engineering; A Vital Biotechnological Tool Fascinating times we are currently living in. A rapid, consistently growing population creating gross demands for food is pushing our resources to capacity. Fulfilling the needs of the world s population is a monumental task. Limited arable land to cultivate and an ever changing climate has led to environmental degradation. At this rate of exponential human population growth, it is predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050, howeverRead MoreA Research Study On Li s Research1592 Words   |  7 Pagesimplementation of many local economic development initiatives by local governments. They go on to argue that the changing role of local governments in regards to the land at the time put officials in conflict of interest as they were charged with the title of local developer and defender of local farmland. Thus even if farmers wanted to keep their land under agricultural production the system of land use rights in China paired with the breakneck speed of development across previously underdevelopedRead MoreAgricultural Education and Training on Crop Producing Rural Subsistence Farmers in the Area of KwaMadundube675 Words   |  3 PagesRESEARCH TOPIC Agricultural Education and Training on crop producing rural subsistence farmers in the area of KwaMadundube (Stanger, Kwa-Zulu Natal). 2. BACKGROUND The rapid growth of agricultural education and training began during the late 19th century in the United States of America (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agricultural_extension). Since the establishment of the democratic South African government in 1994, visionary policies and programs, strategies and Agricultural education and trainingRead MoreAgricultural Act Of 2014 Essay1248 Words   |  5 PagesThe Agricultural Act of 2014 or the farm bill is the public face of agriculture policy today. The farm bill authorizes that a portion of taxpayers’ money be spent on different agriculture and nutrition programs in the United States. On February 7, 2014, the latest farm bill was enacted and will remain active until the year 2018. The current farm bill includes twelve sections or titles. These titles include Commodities; Conservation; Trade; Nutrition; Credit; Rural Development; Research, ExtensionRead MoreEnvironmental Water Issues In Canada1337 Words   |  6 Pageshas progressed from a water supply development project to a sustainable development project (Corkal Adkins, 2008). The use of water is growing along with urban, industrial, and agricultura l expansion leading to the amplified competition of the same water supply. Canadian farms use water for livestock maintenance and irrigation. Industrial water use involves manufacturing practices and cleaning machinery and buildings (Water Withdrawl Uses, 2012). Both agricultural and industries are big contributorsRead More Saving American Agriculture Essay982 Words   |  4 Pagesoccupation. Yet, population increases steadily, making agriculture all the more essential. Many current issues are affecting agricultural progress in America; basic concerns over water, land, and climate only begin to describe the complex predicament. Economics, as well as public involvement and education are important tools, needed to save American agriculture. Water is the chief resource for agricultural production. One historical dilemma between farming and water occurs when misapplication of chemicalsRead MoreImplementing Low Carbon Technologies Through Programs And Services854 Words   |  4 Pageseconomy. Key Point 2 †¢ The second initiative will be to help the agri-food sector adopt low-carbon technologies through the reduction of emissions and retrofitting agricultural facilities. Both of these together will address expanding technologies and practices to reduce emissions and to support the transition to low-carbon, indoor agricultural facilities. Action Area 5: Collaboration with Indigenous Communities Key Point 1 †¢ Ontario is looking to partner with First Nation communities to ensure aRead MoreHow New Zealand Agriculture Affects Our Environment Essay849 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction: During the pioneering era when both Maori and Europeans settled, 85% of lowland native forests were devastated, numerous species became extinct, wet lands were drained and huge quantities of New Zealand soil was damaged due to different agricultural processes. New Zealand’s leading environmental problems are based around agriculture, and these problems are not only in the past but the present and they are not stopping but actually continuing to degrade New Zealand’s natural resources (EcologicRead MoreMonsanto Corporation : An Agricultural Company1276 Words   |  6 PagesThe Monsanto Corporation is an agricultural company that is split into four different categories: agricultural seed, vegetable seeds, weed control, and traits, technologies and partnering. They are a fortune 500 company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has 21,183 employees at over 400 facilities in 66 countries around the world. I will be focusing on the agricultural seed market of Monsanto. Monsanto top brand are DeKalb, Asgrow, Deltapine. These three are their â€Å"bread and butter† and aRead MoreRice Pledging Schemes1363 Words   |  5 PagesThai Agricultural policies: Rice pledging scheme Thailand is among one of the most suitable regions on earth for agricultural industry. Therefore Thailand economy relies heavily on this particular sector. It intertwines seamlessly with the social structure. The fact is that Thai agriculture provides the very large source of food for the region and across the world, not to mention that, it supplies the raw materials to other industries and service sectors. It is also a key to sustainable economic

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The Day Of The Room - 1335 Words

Wow. Just wow. If Alina’s quarters indicated how they treated the Fair One then being the Fair One was good. Both her and her mom’s jaws collectively dropped as they soaked in the beauty that lay before them. It looked straight out of Architectural Died-and-gone-to-heaven-gest. To the left, a cool white kitchen with a swanky breakfast bar and pendant lights. Her mom appeared ready to drool. To the right, a gorgeous great room in whites, creams and browns. A plush beige sectional and chairs centered the space. A glass coffee table, marble fireplace and—gasp!—huge flat screen TV filled out the rest of the room. The far wall had a floor to ceiling bookcase which housed several hundred books, movies and board games. Scanning them she saw so†¦show more content†¦If given a choice she’d stay in this place for days...weeks...months! She could stay here forever. Could that be the point? That thought stopped her cold. This place was way too perfect, as if someone knew all of her wants and needs. How? And what was in here that she didn’t see? Wire taps, bugs, hidden cameras, two-way mirrors? â€Å"Alina,† her mom called. â€Å"Come into the bedroom.† She obliged, leaving the painting room and joined her mom in the bedroom. And it was gorgeous. Really. A king-sized bed with a brown faux mink comforter, a chaise lounge perfect for a movie star—it even had its own private bathroom. Under normal circumstances, she’d have been thrilled to call this her new home. But things weren’t normal. Not even close. â€Å"Come here, honey.† Her mom turned down the covers and patted one of the pillows on the bed. â€Å"You really look like you need a nap.† â€Å"Seriously? Mom...† â€Å"Now, now. You’ve got a meeting in a couple of hours and you look like you’re ready to drop.† â€Å"But†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"No buts.† Her mom face donned a don’t argue with me look. Alina sighed, then walked over and climbed into bed. She had to admit it felt kind of comfy. Plus the sheets smelled like jasmine. Maybe her mom was right. Once she got settled, her mom sat on the mattress’ edge. â€Å"I’ll leave then wake you in a bit.† Only she didn’t leave. Instead, she raised a finger to her lips and pointed to Alina’s chest. Necklace, her mom mouthed. Alina took the cue and pulled out

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Chocolates Products In the Brazilian Market †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Chocolates Products In the Brazilian Market. Answer: Introduction Background of the report is the export of high-end ranges of chocolates produced in Canada to be exported to Brazil. The Brazilians are chocolate-lovers and the middle class and affluent class of Brazilian society contribute to the 20% growth rate of premium chocolate market in Brazil in recent years. The presence of more than 3000 premium chocolate stores in Brazil is an added advantage of the export market. The aims and objectives of the report is to develop amarketing plan for export of the Canadian chocolate brand in Brazil. The report is written because without a proper market analysis andmarketing plan for export, the Canadian chocolate brand may not achieve business targets in the Brazilian market. The scope of the report includes different sections like Analysis of Export Market which include main economic figures of Brazil, The SWOT analysis, Evaluation of the business potential for the product in the export market .The next section analyzes if the comparative choice for the export country is right, the target markets based on segmentation variables and target sales are analyzed in the third section of analysis, the Marketing Plan is developed in the fourth section of analysis which includes 4Ps of Marketing, the 3 principles of marketing and are discussed at the end of analysis and 5 marketing activities for launch of products are provided. At the end conclusion and future recommendations are drafted (Bresler and Lubbe 2014). Analysis: Analysis of export market Main Economic Figures of Brazil As of 2016, population of Brazil is 207.7 million. The GDP of Brazil is 1.795 trillion USD as of 2016 and GDP per head is 8649.95 USD as of 2016 and the median age in Brazil is 31.6 years for male and 32.4 years for female (Della Lucia et al. 2016). SWOT Analysis Strength The chocolate is of premium quality The chocolate belongs to a developed country Canada and the brand image is reputed. The chocolate brand produces highly differentiated products, targets the niche segment of the Brazilian market who have high disposable income The chocolates range of Brazil has extensive product width and many varieties Weakness Demand forecasting and weak customer base in the Brazilian market can be a weakness for the high end chocolate range (Hollensen 2015). Opportunities in the Brazilian Market According to Brazilian Association of Chocolate industry, Brazilians love chocolates and 75 percent of the population are passionate lovers of chocolate while 35 percentage of the Brazilian population prefer to consume chocolates over food and drink. The consumption rate of chocolates during Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas and are respectively 11%, 23 % and 16%. The production of chocolates has decreased and the consumption rate of chocolates in Brazil has increased and thus the Brazilian government has decreased exports and increased importing of chocolates from other countries The high end chocolate range made in Canada can take leverage of these opportunities of the external market in Brazil (Laufs and Schwens 2014). Threats Brazilians tend to prefer chocolates made in the home country rather than exported chocolates The high-end chocolates of Canada can face competition from imported chocolates of Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and United States. Arcor, Ferrero. Hershey's and Mars and Garoto are some of the competitors. Evaluation of the business potential for the product in the export market Potential of the business market of the export market and evaluation of potential demand The demand for chocolate is more in Southern region of Brazil as this part is the coldest region of the country and chocolate is considered as a food type in Brazil. 2.5 kilograms of chocolate are consumed by per person in a year in Brazil. The chocolate demand is optimum throughout the year irrespective of the festive season and since demand surpasses production, import of Chocolates is favored by the government. Comparative Choice Based on the market analysis, Brazil is a very good choice of export market for the high end chocolate ranges produced in Canada. There is no need to change the export country because 1) There is growing demand of imported chocolates in Brazil as production of chocolates in the country cant meet the demand for chocolates 2) The premium chocolate market in Brazil is growing at 20% and customers are willing to pay premium price for chocolates (Della Lucia et al 2016). 3) The demand for chocolates in Brazil remains constant throughout the year irrespective of festive season. 4) Brazil is third largest market in the world for chocolates. Determination Of Targets Determination of commercial targets: Expected sales of the product- The product is expected to reach a sales target of BRL 1 billion by 2020(Weisbrot, Johnston and Lefebvre 2014). Target: segmentation of market and customers Geographic segmentation The market in Brazil can be segmented based on region like North and South. The climate of Southern Brazil is cold and thus the high-end Chocolate ranges produced in Canada can target this segment of population Demographic segmentation The high-end chocolate brand of Canada can target the population who are younger. The consumers of chocolates can be babies, teens, young adults and adults but the Canadian premium chocolate brand should target the middle and affluent class of the society who are willing to play premium price for high quality chocolate brands. Psychographic segmentation- The psychographic variable segments the Brazilian chocolate market on basis on values, lifestyles, social status and activities, interests and opinion. From this segmentation, the Canadian Chocolate brand can target the general population of Brazil who are chocolate lovers and adults with high disposable income who prefer premium quality. Behavioral segmentation In the Brazilian market for chocolates, the love for premium chocolate brands by Brazilians and the preference of Brazilians to buy chocolates from more than 3000 premium chocolate stores in the country, preference of chocolates over other food and drinks and increased rate of chocolate consumption during festive season can be used as behavioral segments (de Andrade Silva et al 2017). Target customers- From the market segmentation, the Canadian high-range chocolate brand will target the middle class and affluent class of the society of Brazil who can afford to pay premium price for good quality of chocolates. STRATEGY (of your marketing plan) The strategy to be implemented to launch the product To create customer value, the marketing mix (4 Ps) for the product is developed Product- The product will have different varieties like molded chocolates with which will have filled center with fruits, creams, liquors, chocolate truffles .The high-end chocolate ranges of Canada will have different product lines and product width. At least 35 % of cocoa should be present in the products and fats will be added in the products along with cocoa because of the climate of Brazil. The products that will be sold in premium chocolate shops which will run under the Canadian chocolate brand name will include handmade truffle, bonbons in different flavor, marshmallow and chocolate concoction, Hot cocoa drink made from thick melted chocolates and milk chocolates with biscuit products, wafers with peanut butter filling and dark chocolate with fruit filling Prepackaged options will be available and products of the high-end Canadian chocolate rage will also target the gift market in Brazil(Afoakwa 2016). Price- The product will be adopting premium pricing technique because the quality of the products will be of high range. The price range will be in between 150 Brazilian Real to 300 Brazilian Real depending on the quantity and type of the product. Place (distribution/channels)- The high range chocolates will follow selective distribution technique and will be available in the more than 3000 premium chocolate stores in the country. The high-end chocolate range from Canada can also tie-up with food giants of Brazil like Bauducco. The Canadian chocolate brand can also build stores in shopping malls of Brazil under own brand name like that of Kopenhagen and Cacau Show. The high-end chocolate range manufactured in Brazil can also be introduced in the market in Canada through online channels. The online store of the Canadian brand will have a collection of its premium chocolate ranges and easy payment options through mobile apps and company website will be available. Online products will be delivered in homes of Brazilian customers/ Promotion (communication / advertising / sales promotion) Both above the Line and below-the Line Promotional techniques will be adopted by the Canadian chocolate brand. Advertising in Televisions, radio channels, newspapers, magazines will enable the Canadian premium chocolate brand to target a wide range of Brazilian consumers. Also the focus will be on communicating the health benefits and quality of the chocolate ranges and the brand will be positioned as a premium brand. Communication will also include communicating about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of the organization in Brazil and the approaches the Canadian organization is adopting towards environmental sustainability in Brazil. The communication will adopt an integrated marketing communication (IMC) approach. Sales promotion will be used heavily during festive seasons like Christmas and Easter. The promotional offers will also be visible in the social media platforms. The Canadian chocolate brand will promote itself through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms (Chaffey 2016). The 3 Principles of Marketing will be customer value, competitive advantage and focus. The customer value will be created by delivering premium chocolate products of highest quality, focus will be to create highly differentiated products for a niche market with a premium pricing strategy. The competitive advantage will be gained by the Canadian chocolate brand by enhancing focus on value chain activities and by adopting innovation to develop premium chocolate products for the Brazilian Market. Marketing activities to be implemented to successfully launch the product in Brazil. Launching of online store with integrated mobile apps- The online stores of the Canadian chocolate brand will have the availability of different premium chocolate ranges. Brazilian customers will be able to make easy and safe payment online through a mobile app. The online stores will deliver products in customers home. Social media and Search Engine ads- Use of social media will enable the premium chocolate brand to create brand awareness and build relationship with customers through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In-store promotional events can be conducted in the premium chocolate stores of the Canadian chocolate brand especially during festive seasons like Christmas and Easter to drive sales and activities like loyalty bonus should be given to customers who make repetitive purchase. This strategy will be used for customer retention ATL promotion ads in Televisions, newspapers and magazine will focus on the health benefits and premium quality of the chocolates. In the introductory stage of the Product Life Cycle (PLC), the Canadian chocolate brand must reach a large amount of target audience, thus ATL promotional activities will help to increase brand awareness in the introductory stage. Public relation with government, legislative bodies and customers of Brazil will focus on sustainability factors and the CSR initiatives of the organization. The focus on Triple Bottom Line factors-People, Profit and Planet will enable the Canadian premium chocolate brand to enhance its brand image in hearts of Brazilian customers and Customer Perceived Value will increase (Armstrong et al 2015). Conclusion It can be concluded that the marketing plan will enable the high-end chocolate ranges made in Canada to be introduced in Brazil. The foreign market analysis of Brazil is of paramount importance for the introduction of the high-range chocolate ranges made in Canada. The marketing plan starts with a market analysis in which the main economic figures of Brazil, SWOT analysis, evaluation of business potential for the product in the export market are discussed. The next section discusses about the comparative choice, from the analysis Brazil is the right choice because of high demand of premium chocolates and no need of change in country is required, the third section discusses about target markets and the fourth section gives a brief about the 4Ps of marketing strategy and the marketing activities that can be implemented to launch the product in Brazil. Future strategy is to open premium chocolate stores for the Canadian chocolate brand; initially the distribution could be done by collab orating with more than 3000 premium chocolate stores in Brazil. References Afoakwa, E.O., 2016.Chocolate science and technology. John Wiley Sons. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Bresler, M. and Lubbe, I., 2014. Marketing management. Chaffey, D., 2016. Global social media research summary 2016.Smart Insights,8. de Andrade Silva, A.R., Bioto, A.S., Efraim, P. and de Castilho Queiroz, G., 2017. Impact of sustainability labeling in the perception of sensory quality and purchase intention of chocolate consumers.Journal of Cleaner Production,141, pp.11-21. Della Lucia, F., Do Carmo, J.R., Morais, C.S.N., Nunes, C.A., Pinheiro, A.C.M., Ferreira, E.B., Pinto, S.M., Abreu, L.R., Boas, V. and de Barros, E.V., 2016. Physicochemical and sensory quality of several commercial Brazilian chocolate milk beverages.International Journal of Dairy Technology,69(3), pp.364-371. Hollensen, S., 2015.Marketing management: A relationship approach. Pearson Education. Keller, K.L. and Kotler, P., 2016.Marketing management. Pearson. Laufs, K. and Schwens, C., 2014. Foreign market entry mode choice of small and medium-sized enterprises: A systematic review and future research agenda.International Business Review,23(6), pp.1109-1126. Laufs, K. and Schwens, C., 2014. Foreign market entry mode choice of small and medium-sized enterprises: A systematic review and future research agenda.International Business Review,23(6), pp.1109-1126. Weisbrot, M., Johnston, J. and Lefebvre, S., 2014. The Brazilian economy in transition: Macroeconomic policy, labor and inequality.Center for Economic and Policy Research.

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Top Summer Programs High School Students Dont Want to Miss Out On

Summer is a great opportunity for high school students to pursue further interests and explore potential careers. But with so many summer programs, where do you start? has curated a list of competitive summer programs for high school students who are looking to become an oncologist, DEA agent, fashion designer, journalist, or just to learn more! Heres the list of programs you are should consider enrolling in: 1. Center for Excellence in Education - Research Science Institute The six-week Research Science Instituteprogram, held at MIT, lets high school students gain hands-on knowledge with technology, math and engineering projects. Students write scientific papers and attend lectures with field leaders. Location: Boston, MA Cost: Free tuition, room and board Deadline: January 2017 Find the application here!2. King Foundation Summer Program The seven-week King Foundation Summer Programat MD Anderson Cancer Center lets Texas high school seniors delve into the medical field, particularly molecular genetic technology, diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Students participate in workshops, learn lab techniques and attend college-level lectures. A small stipend is offered. Location: Houston, TX Cost: Living expenses, if students home is more than 20 miles away. Deadline: Early January 2017 Does this interest you? Apply here!3. Smithsonian Institution - Smithsonian Latino Center Young Ambassadors Program The Young Ambassadors Programis for Latino high school seniors seeking to combine cultural heritage with museum internships. A one-week seminar with Smithsonian experts is followed by a four-week internship; more than 15 cities across the United States take part. A stipend is offered. Location: Washington, D.C., and cities across the U.S. Cost: Free for Washington, D.C., component. Living expenses required for internship. Deadline: April 2017 If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, you can find the application here.4. MIT Womens Technology Program The four-week MIT Womens Technology Programlets female high school juniors join either the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering programs. All classes are taught by female graduate students. Location: Boston, MA Cost: $3,500 for tuition, room and board. Fee discounts and waivers are available. Deadline: January 15, 2017 Considering a STEM major in the future? This program might be a perfect fit for you! 5. Cornell University - CATALYST Academy The CATALYST Academyis a one-week engineering, math and science program for high school juniors or seniors, and it encourages applications from diverse, underrepresented backgrounds. Location: Ithaca, NY Cost: $1,450 for tuition, room and board Deadline: March 2017 Interested in Cornell? Spend the summer there and see if you like it!6. Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute The Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institutebrings in high school juniors worldwide for a five-week news media and writing program. Seminars and labs are mixed with lectures and mentoring sessions. Location: Evanston, IL Cost: $5,600 for tuition, room and board Deadline: March 20, 2017 Have you always been a writer? Take it to the next level with this summer opportunity!7. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Summer Programs The Summer Programs at Embry-Riddleoffer high school students engineering, aviation, computer technology and security intelligence lessons. Each program runs for six days and includes hands-on labs. Location: Daytona Beach, FL or Prescott, AZ Cost: Generally ranges from $950 to $2,500 Deadline: Early-bird March 1, 2017 You can find the application here.8. Northwestern State University - ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars The three-week ADVANCE programbrings together highly gifted high school students from across Louisiana. Each student picks one field of study.Location: Natchitoches, LA Cost: $2,550 for tuition, room and board Deadline: March 2017 Apply here!9. Sam Houston State University - Criminal Justice Summer CampThe Criminal Justice Summer Campruns for four days and is open to high school students nationwide. Students meet criminal justice professionals and participate in labs, workshops and field trips. Location: Huntsville, TX Cost: $700 for tuition, room and board Deadline: April 3, 2017 Has bingewatching CSI, Bones, NCIS, Sherlock got you interested in Criminal Justice? Apply here! 10. Parsons The New School for Design - Summer Intensive Studies Parsons Summer Intensive Studies lets high school students explore the art and design world. Each program is three weeks long, with design studio and general workshops available.From learning about aviation to testing out medical advancements, your scholar will have much to gain through these summer programs, fueling their passion to even greater heights.Location: New York, NY or Paris, France Cost: $3,050 for NY (does not included housing), $7,300 for Paris Deadline: April 1, 2017 Heres the NY application and the Paris application. ​You never know! One of these summer programs might help you figure out what you want to study in college or where you want to go. Choosing where to go to college is a difficult choice. Make an informed decision with s database of 60,000+ successful college application files. Dont forget - we also offer a $5,000 scholarship!